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Steering Group

Steering Group for KTH Smart Sustainable Cities

Björn E Palm, Department of Energy Technology, KTH ITM
Carl-Gustaf Jansson, KTH ICT Platform, KTH ICT
Cecilia Katzeff, Department of Media Technology and Interaction Design, KTH CSC
Josefin Wangel, Division of Environmental Strategic Research (fms), KTH ABE
Karl Henrik Johansson, ACCESS Linnaeus Centre, KTH EES
Mattias Höjer, Centre for Sustainable Communications, KTH CSC
Amy Rader Olson, Centre for Sustainable Built Environment, KTH ABE
Nils Brandt, Department of Industrial Ecology, KTH ITM
Olga Kordas, KTH Energy Platform, KTH ABE
Pontus Johnson, Department of Industrial Information and Control Systems, KTH EES

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